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2000 Hon Tai Chang's Chi Tse Pin Cooked Puerh
2000 Hon Tai Chang's Chi Tse Pin Cooked Puerh
Item HTC-C2000CTP
From Yibang, Xishuangbanna, the Hon Tai Chang factory was the first of the industrial giants and famous for producing border teas since the 1930's. Established in Thailand, this international puerh company had distribution centers through out Hong Kong, Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia before the Second World War. This 2000 cake was aged in Yunnan and stands apart as a well crafted offering. An excellent digestive that soothes the system after particularly rich meals.

  • Dry Leaf Aroma: Skinned walnuts, dried dates, earth and mushroom
  • Wet Leaf Aroma: Damp wood, sweet dried hay, leather
  • Body: Initial infusions of dense and clear mahogany color give way to a deep and lovely claret body. With the inviting hues comes rich, full flavored cups that evoke fragrant woods and aged leather. Much of the notes find their foundation in earthy delights; fruits of Fall harvests and hidden forest flora. There's a pleasant viscosity that spreads across the palate and melts into notes of dried stone fruit. The heavy fragrance lingers at the bottom of the emptied cup. Many, many steeps later, the youthful heart of the puer leaf is revealed with softer, floral notes and light citrus.
  • Finish: Dried pomelo peels
  • Qi: Warm, soothing and relaxing
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